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Desks are an irreplaceable piece of furniture that should be at the disposal of a student at home and in an educational institution. It is a properly selected school desk that will contribute to the fact that the educational process will proceed fruitfully, without harm to the child's body.

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers to buy desks, which are distinguished by a long service life, safety and ergonomics, so schoolchildren will be comfortable during the educational process. Nowadays, you can choose a suitable school desk and purchase it by placing an order on a specialized website, or by calling the company's specialists.

What is a school desk for?

No one will argue about the importance of the correct position of the child at the table when studying or doing creative work. It is important to understand that even a slight curvature of the spine can cause a number of diseases, ranging from joint problems to increased intracranial pressure.

If you choose and buy a school desk for the student correctly, then such problems can be avoided - the child will take the correct position, so the posture will not be deformed. In addition, a properly selected school desk:

  • reduces the level of stress on the joints, muscles of the neck and back;

  • allows you not to overstrain your eyes, while maintaining good vision;

  • promotes normal blood circulation, minimizing fatigue;

  • helps you concentrate more easily and spend more time studying.

All this contributes to the fact that the desk is not a luxury, but a necessity for every student. Every parent and school representative must take care to provide comfort for students.

How to choose the right school desk?


First of all, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the design and type of the desk:

Table. Used for play and study, it consists of a horizontal table top and several supports. May include shelves and drawers.

  • Desk. It has an inclined design, is comfortable for the child and is useful for his posture, because the main load will be transferred to the table surface.

  • School desk-transformer. Allows the student to independently adjust the angle of the tabletop and the height of the desk. You can customize the model for a specific child. Along with the growth of the child, you need to adjust the position.

Desks with adjustable height and position are the best choice. each student will be able to customize the desk for themselves.

The form

There are 4 main forms of school desks:

  • Straight. These are rectangular or square desks, which are the most comfortable and the student will comfortably hold the elbows in weight. Most often used in educational institutions.

  • Round. Not used in educational institutions, can be used for home purposes. Suitable for play and food. They do not have sharp corners, so the likelihood of injury is reduced.

  • Corner. Another option for home use, because installed in the corner of the room, saving space. They have additional boxes. Combine the functions of a desk and a computer table.

  • Curly. Outwardly attractive desks that have an original shape and will become a decoration in the children's room. The curly shape does not affect the comfort of the child.

The choice directly depends on preferences and goals.

Materials (edit)

In the production of school desks for the body, durable metal with an anti-corrosion coating is used, and for the table top it is used:

  • Wood. Strong, durable and environmentally friendly material that looks stylish and attractive.

  • Chipboard. Cheaper desks that are less prone to damage but can release formaldehyde (when buying low-quality products).

  • MDF. The perfect combination of environmental friendliness, durability and damage resistance at an affordable price. Excellent analogue to wooden desks.

There are also plastic models, but the company "Litpol-Ukraine" uses only wood products with an E0 index in the production of desks, which excludes the presence of harmful substances.

Additional selection criteria

Naturally, when choosing a desk, you need to take into account the gender of the child, height and furniture equipment. Also, before buying a school desk for a student, we recommend paying attention to the following:

  • corners should be rounded to minimize the likelihood of injury;

  • the presence of surface resistance to moisture in order to extend the life of the desk;

  • ease of cleaning and compactness of the table are important in order to save space;

  • pick up a desk with your child to simplify the selection process;

  • if you have two children of the same age, buy double desks.

Taking into account these criteria, you can buy a school desk that will fully meet all the requirements, and is also ideal for your child.

School desks from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

If you want to buy school desks for an educational institution or home use, you've come to the right place. The company "Litpol-Ukraine" is personally engaged in the production of desks of various types, among which you can choose the appropriate option individually for yourself. In production, we use only high quality materials that will guarantee the reliability and safety of the furniture. With the complexity of the choice, you can always count on the support of our specialists. We carry out delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine.