Metal wardrobes 

Metal wardrobes

Metal wardrobes are a separate type of metal furniture that is used in educational institutions, trade, industrial organizations for storing things and various equipment. You can find a suitable storage solution in medical and warehouse facilities.

Provides an ergonomic arrangement of all clothing and equipment. And given the intensity of operation and difficult conditions, metal wardrobes should be of reliable assembly, made of high-quality materials, have high performance properties, and also have a neutral appearance.

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" has made sure that you can buy metal wardrobes for various purposes on favorable terms that will meet all the necessary requirements for furniture of this class.

Varieties of metal cabinets for things

Among the assortment of the company "Litpol-Ukraine" you can buy metal cabinets for things of various types:

  • Metal wardrobes for clothes. They have overall dimensions that make it possible to place them on the premises, ideally using the space. It will be an ideal choice for storing various things, additionally equipped with shelves and hangers. They have a neutral appearance, therefore they will be universal for various institutions. To ensure circulation inside the cabinet, there are special perforations on the top and bottom of the cabinet.

  • Household metal cabinets. They have several large compartments, so it will be possible to store not only personal belongings, but also the inventory of technical personnel in them. Likewise, it has a neutral appearance and perforation for safe storage of things and equipment.

  • Children's metal wardrobes. Unlike classic metal wardrobes, it has a compact size, ideal for use by children. Usually they are not equipped with reliable locks, but they have a bright and attractive design that children will definitely like. The frame of children's metal cabinets has a rounded shape to exclude the possibility of injury to the child.

  • Drying metal cabinets. Metal furniture designed for drying wet and damp clothes and shoes. It will be an excellent choice for institutions with special working conditions with high humidity. It is enough just to fill the closet with wet clothes and shoes in the evening, and in the morning there will be dry clothes ready for use.

Such an assortment contributes to the fact that absolutely everyone can pick up and buy a metal cabinet for things, taking into account personal wishes. It can be additionally equipped with a sloping roof, mechanical and electronic locks, a rotary handle and other additional elements that will make operation as comfortable and safe as possible.

Metal wardrobe design

Despite its high functionality, the design of a metal wardrobe is as simple as possible - it is a durable box made of steel. Metal elements are fastened to each other using rivets, hooks and / or self-tapping screws, depending on the features of the model. The design has hinged doors with internal hinges, where you can comfortably place clothes.

Perforation for ventilation is made using laser cutting. The variety of hinges and the thickness of the steel directly depends on the direct purpose of the cabinet.

What are the requirements for a wardrobe?

A metal wardrobe can provide comfortable and safe operation if it meets the following criteria:

  • spaciousness and ergonomics - the worker should be able to place all the necessary clothes;

  • the optimal number of hooks and shelves - everything should be in place, and not in a heap;

  • height - the optimal height for a metal wardrobe should correspond to the average height of a person;

  • safety - ideal if the closet for clothes and equipment is equipped with a lock for safe storage of clothes and equipment;

  • ventilation - it is necessary to ensure air circulation, which will remove moisture from the inside of the cabinet so that the clothes do not fade;

  • safety of materials - given that sometimes workers store not only clothes, but also food in cabinets, it is important that the cabinet is made of safe materials that do not emit harmful toxins.

If a metal wardrobe for clothes meets these criteria, you can be sure of its total safety and maximum functionality.

Clothes metal cases (wardrobe cases) from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

Our company is engaged not only in the sale of metal wardrobes and accessories, but also produces all the products that are in the catalog. We are able to provide the highest quality and efficient wardrobe cabinets, complementing them with hooks, shelves, perforated shelves, wooden benches, towel holders, etc., so you will definitely choose the right option for yourself.

In production, high quality and durable steel is used, which is covered with polymer powder paint. This guarantees maximum reliability and durability of all products. We will always help you find the right solution for you individually, taking into account your wishes and preferences. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.