Army beds 

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Height, mm1730
Width, mm840; 940
Length1965; 2065
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Height, mm1755
Width, mm950/850/750
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Height, mm1626
Width, mm700/800/900
Height, mm1565
Width, mm900/800
5 150 грн.
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Height, mm1755
Width, mm700
4 800 грн.
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Height, mm1800
Width, mm700
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Army beds

Army beds are indispensable furniture for military establishments to comfortably accommodate all military personnel. Universal solution, since suitable for military schools, barracks and any other facilities where it is necessary to successfully solve the problem of efficiently accommodating a large number of people.

The most reliable and functional furniture that does not need special care. Suitable for healthcare institutions, student dormitories, shift workers at construction sites, etc.

Regardless of the purpose, you can buy army beds in the company "Litpol-Ukraine", where you will be presented with a wide selection of models on favorable terms. You just need to choose a suitable solution and make a purchase, or contact our specialists in any convenient way.

The relevance of army beds

Approximately 50% of the time a soldier's service takes place not at the shooting range and range, but in the barracks. For a soldier's morale to be resilient, functional, comfortable and attractive army beds are needed that allow the soldier to get enough sleep.

A whole unit can be accommodated in a small area in the barracks, so the compact collapsible army beds remain the best option. In addition, among the assortment there are army bunk beds, with which you can place 2 times more people at once.

With the help of bunk beds, you can free up additional space for placing other pieces of furniture (tables, chairs, wardrobes, etc.).

Features of metal beds

With the help of metal beds, it is possible to provide sleeping places not only for military personnel, but also for workers, during a shift or a business trip, patients in hospitals or children in kindergartens and camps. They can be used in any situation where you need to organize comfortable sleeping places for a large number of people.

In production, a square or rectangular metal pipe is used, and the base is made of welded metal wire, metal lamellas or rectangular pipe. Headboard and footboard made of square or round tube. The frame of a metal bed can be collapsible or welded. The upper ends of the structure are closed with decorative plugs, the lower ones are covered with a support leg, which prevents damage to the floor covering. Bunk beds are supplied with ladder and restraints included. These beds can be bolted or wedged. More and more often they choose comfortable metal beds. they provide:

  • high strength of the product with the simplest possible level of construction;
  • the most environmentally friendly item that has no difficulties in care;
  • such an element of the interior allows you to use the space of the room as efficiently as possible;
  • lightweight and collapsible design makes them relevant for transportation;
  • despite the simple design, they effectively solve the problem of good rest.

Such features contribute to the fact that metal beds are a profitable acquisition for the prompt and convenient accommodation of a large number of people.

Advantages of metal army beds:

  • Resistant to wear and tear. In production, a pipe and sheet metal with a thickness of 1.2 - 3 mm is used, which, even under high loads, do not change shape.
  • Resistant to fire, temperature extremes and microorganisms. Wooden structures lose their shape and performance over time due to moisture, temperature extremes, etc. With metal army beds, this will not happen.
  • Unpretentious care. To remove any dirt, simply wipe it with a wet cloth, and you can also disinfect it by wiping.
  • Easy to transport. All army beds are collapsible, so there will be no difficulty if you need to move the bed to another place.
  • Durability. Durable material and the presence of an additional anti-corrosion coating guarantee resistance to external factors, therefore, durability.
  • Versatility. In appearance, the beds are as simple as possible, so they can easily fit into any interior of the room.
  • Cost. The price of army beds is significantly lower than counterparts made of MDF or wood, so they will be an excellent choice for a limited budget.
  • Environmental Safety. Metal and powder coating do not emit any harmful substances, therefore they will be safe for the user.

Army beds from the "Litpol-Ukraine" Company

If you want to get the above advantages, you just need to buy an army bed from our company. We design, manufacture and sell every item you see in the catalog. The production uses high quality materials and modern equipment, which in tandem guarantees maximum reliability and efficiency.

Our own production allows us to provide affordable prices for army beds. Discounts for regular customers and wholesale customers. If the choice is difficult, you can count on the support of our specialist. We make delivery all over Ukraine.