Multimedia advertising racks 

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Multimedia advertising stands (Digital Signage systems) are modern multimedia devices manufactured by the Polish company MALOW, designed to display advertisements and high-quality visual information in public places with high traffic, including shopping centers and offices.


Multimedia LED advertising stands of the DP / DM series. They are equipped with 46 abo 55-inch Full HD LED 1080p LED matrix, which allows you to display high-definition images. Image quality allows you to more effectively attract the attention of the audience. The sturdy metal construction also has an aesthetically pleasing design. The case is powder coated. What makes the product practical and allows use in various places with a large number of visitors.

The totem can be installed both vertically and as a pendant monitor. The products have a universal fastening system, which allows installation on vertical surfaces (walls, columns, etc.).


Digital Signage systems can be used as:

  • advertising screens for installation in supermarkets and clothing stores
  • digital menu for fast food restaurants
  • touch information kiosks installed in the shopping center
  • corporate tv
  • digital frames
  • signs and video walls
  • Service

Management is based on effective mini-computers of the PC or ARM class. This allows you to easily, and most importantly, quickly change information on all screens using one PC. Replacing information occurs instantly, even if multimedia racks are installed in different cities. You no longer need to throw money away, paying with printing houses that print posters, you do not have to pay the courier for their delivery to all points. Your message to the target audience in a couple of mouse clicks will become public.


  • Easy to install. Totems are easy to disassemble and assemble, can be attached to a wall, ceiling or other surfaces.
  • Convenient setup. Remote control allows timely and effective implementation of the necessary settings.
  • Easy dismantling. You can place an advertising stand or a pendant screen at different points in the hall at different times to ensure the most effective display of advertising.
  • Convenient transportation. Products are easy to disassemble and can be compactly packed if necessary transported from place to place.
  • Reliability of work. The production uses high-quality materials as well as the latest software, which makes products an indispensable tool and assistant for business.

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