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Equipment for disinfection from Litpol-Ukraine

Purpose of the floor stand for hand disinfection

The glove and disinfectant holder is designed for use in areas frequented by people to prevent the spread of infection by transferring it when visitors touch various surfaces.

Such equipment is most often installed in institutions where it is necessary to maintain sterility (hospitals, beauty salons, kitchens, etc.).

During the quarantine period associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the need to use equipment that allows quick access to personal protection has arisen in almost all places visited by people.

Mobile stands for the disinfector dispenser have gained particular popularity. Today, such equipment is increasingly ordered by various institutions in almost any area of ​​activity.


  • medical institutions

  • supermarkets

  • pharmacies

  • shopping malls

  • cafes, restaurants

  • checkpoints in factories and industries

  • offices, post offices

  • Metro

  • gas stations

  • educational institutions

  • airports, train stations

  • hotels

  • sport complexes

  • showrooms

How to choose a hand disinfection rack?

In order to choose the most suitable equipment for solving the issue of ensuring the comfort and safety of your customers, visitors, as well as employees, it is worth deciding on a few key points:

  • What method of protection will be most convenient for your visitors

  • Where and how much hygiene supplies may be required

  • How to maintain a natural interior design while making hand sanitizing areas visible to visitors

In the company "Litpol-Ukraine" you can buy a floor stand at the manufacturer's price. And also to order painting of the product in any color of the RAL palette.

You can also make a stand with inscriptions according to a previously agreed sketch in any language.


We offer metal holders for gloves and disinfectant, which are designed for long-term use, thanks to quality manufacturing and painting technologies.

There is a design option with a special adjustable shelf for the box with and without gloves.

This mobile station can accommodate a sensor or mechanical dispenser. An antiseptic gel or liquid skin antiseptic can be used as a hand treatment. Each of these options allows you to comply with the necessary security measures.

You can buy or make custom-made glove racks in the company "Litpol-Ukraine" by placing an order on the website or by calling the contact phone. Here you will find favorable prices, as well as you will be able to choose other convenient and practical equipment from a wide range of our products.