Medical cabinets 

Medical cabinets

Medical cabinets

A medical cabinet is a functional furniture that is used for hospitals, sanatoriums, diagnostic centers, laboratories and other specialized institutions. Suitable for storing various medicines, clothing, documents, etc. The design is determined by their purpose. During the manufacture of medical cabinets, extremely durable metal with various thicknesses and anti-corrosion coating is used.

Usually supplied with flag or crossbar locks. At the request of the customer, the cabinet can be equipped with any other type of locks (coded mechanical, electronic, magnetic, etc.). If a medical cabinet is needed for storing psychotropic or narcotic drugs, a medical cabinet with a safe is used. Regardless of the type, the online store of the company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers to buy medical cabinets on favorable terms, just choose the appropriate option and make a purchase, or call our specialists.

Varieties of medical cabinets

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" is engaged in the production and sale of medical cabinets of various types, which differ in purpose, size, equipment, materials used and other characteristics. In the catalog you will find medical cabinets of the following types:

  • Standard. Standard medical cabinets are used to store instruments and medicines, dressings, patient cards and various documents. There are models made completely from glass, or in a combination of glass and metal.
  • For clothes. These are medical cabinets, which are additionally equipped with locks, are used to store personal clothes, shoes or work sanitary clothes. The design includes ventilation holes located in the doors.
  • First aid kits. Small medical cabinets with metal or glass doors with locks or magnet. They are used for storing first aid kits and medicines in offices, enterprises, educational institutions, etc.
  • Manipulation and tool tables. Mobile medical cabinets with drawers and shelves that are used to accommodate tools, medicines and devices. Various design variations: glass, metal, stainless steel.
  • Medical safe. Reliable furniture for medical institutions, which has additional protection for the door and cabinet walls, can have a coded or electronic lock, reinforced crossbar locking systems, etc.

The choice of a medical cabinet directly depends on the purpose for which it will be used. The specialists of our company will always help you find the right solution for you individually.

Criteria for choosing a medical cabinet

When choosing a medical cabinet, the following criteria must be considered:

  • Material. All medical furniture manufactured by "Litpol-Ukraine" has passed the examination of the SES of Ukraine and has the relevant documents. The surface of the cabinets undergoes preliminary anti-corrosion treatment, and the powder-polymer coating can withstand repeated wiping with disinfectants. The construction uses only impact-resistant tempered glass.
  • Design. The medical cabinets are welded with one or two doors, with or without locking doors. The choice of the number of sections depends only on what functional solution you need.
  • The convenience of use. It is important to choose a medical cabinet that will be as easy to maintain as possible and at the same time withstand a significant weight of the contents over a long period of use.
  • Purpose. If you choose a medical closet for clothes, then a standard design is suitable, for medicines - with glass or metal elements, and for documents - capacious cabinets with a large number of shelves.

Considering these criteria, you can choose the right option individually for yourself.

Benefits of metal medical cabinets

Choosing medical cabinets made of metal, you guarantee yourself the following advantages:

  • high level of strength;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • the presence of holes for ventilation;
  • withstand high loads;
  • affordable cost.

And this is only a small part of the advantages that you get when choosing metal medical cabinets.

Medical cabinets from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" has been producing metal cabinets and other metal furniture since 2002. The entire production process is carried out exclusively on innovative equipment using high-quality materials, which will guarantee the durability and reliability of each product.

The quality of the products is confirmed by the relevant certificates, which we, if necessary, are ready to provide. You just need to choose the right option and complete the purchase. If you have any difficulties when choosing medical cabinets, our specialists are always ready to help. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine and EU.