Racks, tables, bedside tables 

Racks, tables, bedside tables

Racks, tables, bedside tables

Racks, tables, bedside tables and other medical furniture are indispensable helpers for a doctor's work and for examining patients. They are used for placing various instruments and for medical manipulations. All instruments during surgery or procedures should be placed near the doctor to speed up the process of work, because delays in a doctor's work can have many different consequences.

For medical institutions that value the health and comfort of their customers, we offer a wide range of racks, tables, bedside tables and other medical furniture made of metal. We pay special attention to the quality of all products, which is confirmed by many positive reviews. You just need to find a suitable counter, table or bedside table, and then place your purchase. Or just call our specialist.

Medical racks

Metal medical racks are vertical structures with various levels where shelves are placed. This makes it easier to access consumables, equipment, drugs and other necessary materials.

If necessary, it makes it possible to transport everything you need as quickly as possible to the place of the operation or examination. Medical stands are equipped with network filters for connecting electrical equipment. To increase the level of functionality of the furniture, there are models with drawers.

Racks for medical institutions are created with a tipping-resistant chassis with reliable fixation of devices on shelves with bumpers, which will guarantee safety and convenience when using furniture.

Additionally, the medical stands can be equipped with hinged rotary shelves, a holder for an instrument, etc.

Medical tables

Indispensable medical furniture, which is installed in doctor's waiting rooms and treatment rooms, for inpatient treatment of patients, and also in offices for blood sampling. Medical tables are in demand in the offices of anesthesiologists, dentists, ophthalmologists and other specialists.

The main production material is cold-rolled steel, which ensures a long service life. However, depending on the purpose of the table, stainless steel or tempered glass can be used. Available stationary and rolling models. For greater capacity we offer a table with drawers, two or three shelves. Instrumental, surgical, manipulative, changing tables, tables for anesthesiologist, dentist, cosmetologist, for blood sampling - we have a table for everyone!

The lightweight material and the presence of movable casters ensure easy transportation of the table, and the brake mechanism will ensure a secure fit in place. To ensure sterility, the materials from which the table is made are resistant to disinfectants by wiping.

Medical bedside tables

Medical bedside table - furniture for medical institutions. They are used to care for patients, as well as to ensure their needs during treatment. With the right bedside table, even bedridden patients can use their personal belongings.

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers stationary and movable bedside tables. Wheels can be equipped with brakes. Patient bedside tables may have an additional drawer at the top. For additional convenience, we offer double-sided pedestals with a swivel, height-adjustable table. In production, steel with preliminary anti-corrosion treatment is used, therefore metal cabinets are more durable than wooden counterparts.

How to choose the right medical cabinets, tables and stands?

In order for the equipment to effectively fulfill all the tasks set, it is necessary to make the right choice, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents. It is important to choose furniture made of materials that will withstand cleaning and disinfecting agents without any problems for stable maintenance without harm to the furniture itself.
  • Furniture mobility. Medical furniture of any type should be easy to transport, so tables, racks and bedside tables with wheels and brakes are the best solution.
  • Durability of furniture. Considering the intensity of use of medical furniture, it is necessary to choose only models from materials that can withstand harmful external factors without problems.
  • Appointment. The choice depends directly on the purpose, for example, if you need a bedside table for storing medicines, it must be not only durable, but also light-proof, because many medicines cannot be stored in direct sunlight.
  • Safety. The specificity of the industry is such that many furniture elements are made of glass. This means that these elements must have rounded edges, and are made of the least traumatic type - tempered glass.
  • Hygiene. Since medicine is a constant contact of the working surface of furniture with various chemical solutions, they are made of stainless steel.

Considering these criteria, you can buy racks, tables and bedside tables that will meet all your wishes.

Racks, tables and bedside tables from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

Our company has been engaged not only in the sale, but also in the production of medical furniture since 2002. The production process is carried out exclusively on innovative equipment using high quality materials, which will ensure durability. An extensive catalog allows everyone to choose the right solution individually for themselves. If there are any difficulties when choosing medical furniture, an experienced manager-consultant is always ready to help. We carry out delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine and EU.