Additional medical equipment 

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Additional medical equipment

Any modern medical institution, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, patient rooms and medical offices, must have high-quality medical furniture. If items such as medical tables, bedside tables, wardrobes, beds, etc. are mandatory and are in every institution, then additional medical equipment is often forgotten or not given importance.

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" made sure that you can buy basic medical furniture and additional medical equipment in one place on the most favorable terms, you just need to choose a suitable position and make a purchase, or call the store manager. Regardless of the method of communication, you will in any case be able to purchase high-quality medical equipment made of metal with all quality certificates.

What is included in the additional medical equipment?

In general, additional medical equipment is a secondary position that is not necessary for every office or ward, but will certainly make life easier for a doctor or patients. Additional medical equipment includes:

  • Medical tripods. A medical stand is used to install special medicinal containers for intravenous administration of drugs to patients. The tripods consist of a multi-beam base and a telescopic stand, which makes it possible, if necessary, to change the position of the product, and ideally adapt specifically to the patient. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase mobile medical tripods with a tubular or telescopic stand.
  • Medical carts and wheelchairs. Despite the fact that this is not a key equipment, trolleys and wheelchairs are used in various fields of medicine for use during cleaning, or transportation of bix, storage and transportation of tools, linen, consumables, etc. They differ in different designs, so you will definitely be able to find the right solution individually for yourself.
  • Medical screens. The main functions of a medical screen are psychological comfort for the patient during the examination, which is especially important in gynecological and other similar offices, and also make it possible to divide the office into work areas. Despite the simplicity of the design, they must be made exclusively of high quality materials in order to be able to serve for a long time. We offer one, two and three-section screens.
  • Crutches and walkers. Special medical equipment that is necessary for people with disabilities or those who have been injured. The reliability of crutches and walkers determines not only the durability of the product, but also the safety of the user. It is important to take into account that they can be used by people with different builds, therefore it is recommended to choose models made of durable metal and with the ability to adjust in height.
  • Medical scales with a height rod. Additional medical equipment, which must be available to the therapist, pediatrician and other doctors who need to know the weight and height to examine patients. It is the fact that they combine the ability to measure height and weight that makes them especially relevant and convenient.

As you can see, additional medical equipment is something that will certainly make life easier for doctors and patients.

Advantages of furniture and accessories made of metal

Our company provides exclusively metal medical furniture and other equipment to provide customers with the following benefits:

  • high level of durability and strength;
  • the most convenient design;
  • ease of care and disinfection;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards;
  • resistance to the process of decay and oxidation;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

All these advantages ensure that medical equipment can last for a long time.

Additional medical equipment from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

Our company is a leader in the production and sale of medical furniture and additional medical equipment. In the catalog you can find medical cabinets, racks, tables, bedside tables, beds, couches and much more. Absolutely everything that you see in the store's catalog is made exclusively with the use of innovative technologies on modern European equipment using high-quality materials.

The high quality is confirmed by the corresponding certificates, which, if necessary, are ready to provide. Due to the fact that we are a direct manufacturer, prices for medical furniture and additional equipment are lower than in other stores. Additional discounts for regular customers and wholesale buyers. We will always help you find the right solution, taking into account your goals and preferences. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.