Safes are special-purpose furniture that can leave your money, documents and other valuables intact, even if other means of protection have failed. In the event that the doors are broken open, a secure safe will not allow access to valuable contents. It is only important to purchase a reliable safe after making the right choice.

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers to buy a safe of any type: furniture, office, accounting and others, guaranteeing high quality. You just need to choose a model and make a purchase, or call the specialists of our company.

Varieties of safes

It is quite simple to buy a safe, but to understand the whole variety of models is already more difficult. They can vary in size, shape, manufacturing technology, style and functionality. Let's consider the main varieties according to various criteria:

  • Appointment.
  • Furniture.
  • Office.
  • Armory.
  • Banking.
  • Hotel.

The choice depends on where it will be used. They usually have an adaptive design for specific purposes.

By resistance level

Safes for home and commercial facilities can be:

  • burglar-proof;
  • fire-resistant;
  • fire and burglar resistance.

You need to select a model taking into account what dangers you need to protect from. If you need a safe for storing large amounts or valuables, then we recommend choosing the latter option.

By installation type

There can be 3 types:

  • portable;
  • freestanding;
  • built-in.

For example, if you want to "sew" a safe into the wall, then the built-in model will be an excellent choice.

The type of lock used

They are similarly divided into 3 types:

  • electronic models;
  • key safes;
  • electronic with a key emergency opening.

How to choose the right safe?

As you can see, there is a wide variety of safes for various criteria. Someone needs a small, and someone needs a large safe. Regardless of the size, when choosing, it is important to take into account the design and appearance - it must fit perfectly into the interior. If you want the safe to be inconspicuous, then we recommend giving preference to the built-in models that are hidden inside the cabinet or behind a picture in the wall. Among the mandatory selection criteria are:

Burglary resistance

The classes of safes determine the level of burglary resistance - there are 12 categories in total. Technically, the higher the grade, the more reliable the design. If you see the marking H0 or 0, then the seller absolutely does not guarantee protection against hacking.

This model is not suitable for storing valuables. During the manufacture of a burglar-resistant model, steel with a thickness of 3 mm or more is used, and in total, several steel sheets can be used in the structure. The space between them will be filled with concrete or other filling. The level of burglary resistance depends on the category of the lock used:

  • code;
  • electronic;
  • key;
  • biometric.

If we talk about the most reliable models, these are safes with two different locks.

Fire resistance

Similarly, the assessment goes on 12 points - the higher the number, the higher the fire protection. Fire-resistant models have multilayer steel boxes with heat insulator and insulation in the walls, so that the equipment does not undergo destruction and deformation in the event of a fire. Fire resistance shows how long a safe can be on fire without damage - from 30 to 120 minutes.

Dimensions and appearance

This is an important parameter because it will depend on how much the protective furniture will be visible in the room and how much it can fit into itself. For domestic purposes, compact models with mounting in a niche, to a wall, floor, etc. are quite enough so that intruders cannot remove it from the apartment. Usually, anchor bolts are used for this. Pre-inspect the place where you plan to carry out the installation, measure the dimensions and then you can make a purchase.

Storage type

When choosing, you need to consider what exactly will be stored. Select separate models for:

  • documents;
  • precious things;
  • weapons;
  • combined things;
  • computer disks, tapes and other media.

And also there are universal mini safes that are suitable for apartments. Given these criteria, you will know exactly which safe you need.

The price of a safe also depends on these criteria.

Safes from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers to buy safes in Kharkov and with delivery to other regions of Ukraine. In the catalog there are models for different purposes, among which you can easily find the right solution individually for yourself. All products are made only from high quality materials.

If you want to buy a safe, just call us or fill out an application on the website. We are always ready to help you choose the right option individually for you.