Archive shelving 

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Metal mobile archive shelving LITREG, mobile shelving, allow you to save valuable space.

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The system of sliding racks for the equipment of archives, libraries and warehouses. The use of this system makes it possible to increase the area of ​​warehousing or production by 62.5% compared with fixed shelves. Extensive equipment and layout of mobile racks allow to take into account all the wishes of the customer and maximize floor space. Mobile racks can be of any height of 1500 mm. to 2700 mm, depth from 750 mm. up to 5000 mm. Our erratic racks are protected against tilting and tipping, can be equipped with a lock with a lock, to mount partitions from a shelf, pull-out shelves, drawers and frames for suspension files on telescopic rails. Ergonomic steering wheel makes it easy to move a fully loaded mobile rack and fix its position with the button in the center of the wheel. The project location and the cost of mobile racks are calculated individually based on the size of the premises and wishes of the customer.