Hanging cabinets, first-aid kits 

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Suspended single-door cabinet with metal handle and a magnetic latch, inside two glass shelves in a special tempered glass. Dimensions suspended metal cabinet - 500х400х250 mm.  Price is quoted for a product painted in standard RAL 7035 colour

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Height, mm500
Depth, mm250
Width, mm400
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Height, mm390
Depth, mm120
Width, mm300
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Hanging metal cabinet with sliding (like "closet") doors, two shelves inside. Dimensions of metal hanging cabinets - 500х800х250 mm. Price is quoted for a product painted in standard RAL 7035 colour

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Height, mm500
Depth, mm250
Width, mm800
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Hanging cabinets, first aid kits

Hanging medical cabinets (first aid kits) are specialized furniture of small dimensions, which is intended for placing materials and medicines in hospitals and other medical institutions. They are distinguished by their simplicity and convenience of design, therefore they can be used absolutely wherever it is necessary to create an isolated space for medicines.

They ideally combine functionality and practicality, as well as simple design solutions, so they will easily fit into the interior of a medical institution. The company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers to buy hanging cabinets with the ability to choose from a wide range, you just need to choose a suitable solution for yourself and make a purchase, or call our specialists.

How to choose hanging cabinets?

The main task of the hanging cabinet is the storage of medicines. The choice of cabinet depends on the space that you plan to allocate for this. If space is limited, then your choice is a hanging first aid kit. If there is enough space, then you can consider the option of a full-fledged cabinet with glass or metal doors.

The main requirement for the cabinet is the durability and wear resistance of the material. A prerequisite is resistance to chemicals and disinfectants, so that the care of hanging cabinets does not cause any difficulties.

Materials for manufacturing hanging medical cabinets

All wall-mounted cabinets for medical institutions are made of sheet steel with a pre-anti-corrosion treatment, powder painted. Such a coating is resistant to wiping with disinfectants. At the request of the customer, cabinet doors and shelves can be metal or glass. For safe operation of the cabinet, we use only special tempered glass.

By default, we use paint in a standard light gray color RAL 7035 for painting. However, since medical furniture is traditionally painted in white, we can produce a wall cabinet in this color. The use in the manufacture of materials such as metal and glass contributes to the fact that cabinets:

  • resistant to moisture changes;
  • safe for human health;
  • do not expose to temperature fluctuations and the influence of fire.

The quality of all products is confirmed by appropriate certificates, which will be provided to you if necessary.

Hanging cabinets from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

If you want to buy hanging cabinets (first-aid kits) for medical institutions or other furniture, you can always count on the support of the company "Litpol-Ukraine". We have been designing, manufacturing and selling medical furniture since 2002 and receive extremely positive feedback from customers. All products comply with international standards.

The convenient catalog helps you to easily find the right medical furniture for your personal needs. If you have any difficulties during the selection, you can always count on the support of an experienced manager-consultant. We are a manufacturer, therefore, prices for medical furniture are 10-15% lower than in other stores. Discounts for regular customers and wholesalers. We make delivery throughout Ukraine and EU.