School furniture 

School furniture

School furniture is simply an indispensable element in all educational institutions. After all, it is high-quality and comfortable furniture that can provide comfort for students, as well as create all the necessary conditions for them to acquire new knowledge. Correctly selected school furniture forms the correct posture of the student, which is extremely important during development. And if the child is comfortable, it will also have a positive effect on his academic performance. 

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers to buy school furniture that meets all the norms and requirements of the current legislation, and also has the necessary quality certificates. You just need to choose a suitable desk, chair, dining room furniture and make a purchase, or contact company representatives. 

What should be school furniture? 

First of all, school furniture must be completely safe. It is not only about using high-quality materials that are safe for human health, but also a well-thought-out design aimed at reducing injuries during operation, for example, rounded corners. Among the basic requirements for school furniture, one can note: 

  • environmental friendliness - products must have the necessary certificates of quality and safety to be sure of safety; 

  • functionality - regardless of whether we are talking about a desk or a chair, furniture for the school must fully fulfill its functions and be comfortable for the child; 

  • resistance to wear and tear - school furniture is actively used, so it must be durable and strong; 

  • appearance - all school furniture should be attractive and consistent. 

If the furniture you choose meets these criteria, you can be sure that it will effectively perform its functions throughout its entire life cycle. The company "Litpol-Ukraine" provides school furniture that meets all the stated requirements. 

Criteria for choosing school furniture 

A large number of standards are provided that relate to the equipment of educational institutions in order to make the learning process comfortable, safe and effective. Consider 4 main criteria that you need to pay attention to before buying school furniture: 

  1. Materials. You need to choose school furniture with a reliable metal frame. It must have smooth corners and polished ends. Open holes should have special plugs to help reduce injury. Wood, plywood, chipboard or MDF are used for the table top and seat. All materials must comply with the E0 environmental class. This will mean zero formaldehyde emission.

  2. Dimensions. It is advisable to select school furniture based on the age of the students. The standard height from the floor is 50-60 centimeters, but for lower grades they should be less. There should be no partitions under the table top that interfere with the comfortable position of the legs. Chairs are selected based on body weight and height. There are universal school furniture with height adjustment, which is suitable for students of different ages. 

  3. Appearance. The best choice is furniture made in light colors. Such furniture will not distract attention, will not disturb concentration, and will not cause fatigue. At this time, all furniture should be designed in the same style, so school furniture sets will be an excellent choice. 

  4. Ergonomics. It is important that school furniture is comfortable. For lower grades, inclined desks are usually chosen. Especially convenient for small children to take a comfortable writing position. In middle and high school, desks with a straight table top are used. Chairs should have a slightly curved back, recesses in the seat, etc. Such small details will help correct posture, excluding the development of dangerous diseases. 

You shouldn't buy chairs with casters, armrests, or swivel bases. This is office furniture that is suitable only for grown-up adults. Such furniture will only contribute to the curvature of the spine with the active development of the child. Given these criteria, you can buy school furniture that will meet all your wishes. 

School furniture from the company "Litpol-Ukraine" 

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" offers to buy school furniture, choosing from a wide range. In the catalog you can find desks, chairs, school sets and dining room furniture that meets all the standards and requirements. We are personally engaged in the production of all the furniture that you see in the catalog, so we can guarantee high quality and the use of only safe materials, as well as affordable prices for products. If there are difficulties in choosing a suitable solution, an experienced manager-consultant is always ready to help. We will deliver school furniture to any region of Ukraine. Discounts for wholesale buyers and regular customers!