Medical beds 

Medical beds

Medical beds

Various injuries and illnesses lead to people becoming bedridden. The task of doctors or their caregivers is to provide the most comfortable conditions possible. Medical beds will be the optimal choice for home conditions and various medical institutions. Such beds allow patients to easily take a comfortable position, feeling more independent.

Multifunctional metal medical beds make it possible to change the position, which simplifies patient care, guaranteeing an easy approach to the patient and allows you to connect additional devices for hygiene or medical procedures, as well as eliminate the formation of pressure sores.

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" is engaged in the production and sale of medical beds, among which you can choose a suitable solution for home conditions or a medical institution. You just need to choose the appropriate option, taking into account the specific situation and place a purchase, or call the store manager.

Features of medical beds

During the creation of medical beds, the specialists of our company are guided exclusively by the recommendations of doctors. This ensures that you can definitely find and buy a suitable medical bed. Medical beds differ among themselves by the type of drive and the number of sections.

The simplest and most inexpensive option is mechanical medical beds, where the change of position is carried out manually, various fixators are used - according to the "folding bed" principle. These models will be the perfect solution for people who can get out of bed on their own to take care of themselves.

If an illness or injury does not allow one to exert any physical efforts, then high-tech solutions with an electric drive in the design remain the optimal choice - control is carried out using special buttons or a remote control. This will make it possible to independently change the position of the sections.

Also, medical beds differ in the number of sections - the more there are, the easier it is to provide lying patients with a comfortable position. Depending on the nature of the diseases, they choose 1, 2, or 3 sections in medical beds. Multi-section models adjust the position of the head-pelvis, pelvis-knee, knee-heel. Functional beds are installed on 4 castor wheels, 2 of which are equipped with brakes. Equipping with wheels provides not only the convenience of moving the patient, but also facilitates cleaning in a room with a bed patient. The backs of these beds are quick-detachable, made of wear-resistant impact-resistant plastic with rounded atraumatic edges and corners.

The cost of medical beds usually directly depends on the configuration and functionality of the product. Side rails - folding and removable panels, sanitary equipment, tables, etc. can be used as additional equipment. The bed can be equipped with a special orthopedic mattress, which guarantees comfort and prevents the formation of bedsores.

Additional accessories for a medical bed

To make the medical bed as effective as possible for the recovery of the body, it can be supplemented with various accessories. Using the handrails will help you recover more quickly by helping the patient to get up on their own. Some of the models can be supplemented:

  • removable grates and side rails, which excludes falling;
  • pull-up device;
  • boat stand.

How to choose medical beds?

If the bed will move, then the wheels are a must. Do not forget about the brakes, this is guaranteed to lock the bed in place. As for the number of sections, a consultation with the attending physician is absolutely necessary - for each injury and illness, different beds with different functions are needed.

One of the important selection criteria is the section lifting mechanism. This can be mechanical adjustment, or using a control panel. The last option is relevant in the event that the patient needs to independently carry out the adjustment. Be sure to select a medical bed of such a size that it fits in the doorway and is comfortable for the person.

Medical beds from the company "Litpol-Ukraine"

Our company has been producing medical beds from metal and other furniture for medical institutions since 2002. Each piece of furniture is made strictly taking into account the recommendations of doctors, so you can be sure of its effectiveness.

In the production, only high quality materials are used, and the production process itself is carried out on innovative equipment. This will additionally guarantee high quality and durability. You just need to choose a suitable solution and place a purchase, or call our specialists. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.