Medical furniture 

Medical furniture

Purpose of medical furniture

Medical furniture is necessary when equipping medical institutions, pharmacies, beauty salons, massage parlors, research laboratories.

You can buy medical furniture in Kiev, Kharkov and order delivery from other cities of Ukraine in our company.

We offer a wide range of:

  • medical cabinets;
  • acid resistant furniture;
  • hanging lockers;
  • surgical tables;
  • desks for the doctor;
  • tables for dressings;
  • laboratory furniture;
  • bedside tables.

Furniture requirements

Medical furniture must meet a number of requirements:

  • Ease of use. Often, furniture for hospitals has wheels (with the possibility of fixation) to enable quick rearrangement.
  • Strength. Furniture used in cosmetic and massage parlors, as well as in medical rooms, should be well adapted to frequent disinfectant treatment. And also to be durable and designed for high and long loads.
  • Harmless materials. Medical furniture must be made of safe materials and meet certain quality standards.
  • Optimal design. Furniture for medical institutions should be designed in such a way as not to pose a danger to patients and be as practical as possible in use.

The company "Litpol-Ukraine" produces high-quality medical equipment for modern medical offices, research laboratories, laboratory facilities, pharmacies, hospitals and other medical facilities. Furniture is made from safe materials, including acid-resistant steel.

You can order the delivery of various types of medical furniture to any city in Ukraine by transport and logistics delivery services.